Plat Adventures



Plat Aventures

get involved in an adventure as Emerald Bolt, fight hostile creatures and collect gems. In two player mod you may bring with you your friend as Rose Black, the mercenary pegasus pony. walk around the world 5 landscapes while seeking for tombs for the lost 5 chalices.
 The Game is Still in development
 the latest version is the v0.90b, maps, enemies, backgrounds, dialogues may change with the new versions.


the default control scheme for the game are


Left and right Arrow keys for movements

RCtrl – Attack

RShift – toggle walk and run

Up arrow – jump and use key to exist levels.


You can perform double jump and Glide by pressing and holding the jump key

The Editor

the game comes with it’s own editor. you can create custom levels and campaign with it.

Instructions on how to use editor is coming soon…


Install Instructions :

Step 1 : _ install Openal

First you need to download and install OpenAl in order to make the sounds work.

Step 2 :_ install the game here

the game is in Zip file. download the game from the provided link then unpack it’s content wherever you want.